Tenoorja Musubi

Positiveness Projected


Tenoorja spreads ideas related to futurism. Medical research relates to futurism. Learn why aging should be defeated. Defeating aging relates to extending the healthy human lifespan significantly. We can potentially stop and reverse human aging in our lifetime. Learn about the books that Tenoorja helps manifest, and sign up to receive email updates from Tenoorja. Tenoorja exists to generate a significant profit while helping to establish Authentic, Sustainable, and Authentic peace on Earth.

How will this be done? Tenoorja will start as a social media organization. The Tenoorja social network is currently in development.

Right now you can join Steemit, Memo, and Honest if you want to participate in a social network that rewards users/members with cryptocurrency (Steem).

In the future Tenoorja may offer Taichi and Qigong classes. Right now, if you want to practice Taichi or Qigong, please attempt to locate a school teaching these arts in your area. Use an Internet based map search tool to find them. Tenoorja is affiliated with Tenqido.

Tenoorja will be a diversified organization, and will hopefully become a benefit corporation officially, eventually.